Our Philosophy

Our Client Philosophy

  • To provide professional advice on investment opportunities
  • To consider tax-efficient structures
  • We believe in operating within pre-agreed terms and we operate on a fixed fee basis
  • To excel client expectations with impartial advice
  • We partner with clients who want not just assistance, but who want access to up-to-date research and specialist knowledge to achieve pre-determined investment goals
  • Being pro-active means our service offers pre-agreed periodic meetings but also pro-active intervention to ensure our clients are up to date with thought leadership ideas
  • Ailesbury Capital has partnered with a number of experienced professionals to support projects where required in the area of actuarial, audit, investment, legal and tax to ensure constructive independent advice

Our Investment Philosophy

We promote “value investments”. We believe many of the great value investors such as Warren Buffett, Seth Klarman and David Einhorn developed and continue to grow through their interaction with other value investors. Many – if not all – have benefited early in their careers from the guidance of a value oriented mentor. A value investment strategy is focused on purchase of securities trading at a discount to a reasonable estimate of their intrinsic value. While the process of determining intrinsic value certainly varies depending upon the practitioner, most share common beliefs and characteristics:

  • The market is not efficient. Value does not equal price.
  • A value investor regards a stock as part ownership of an operational business, not merely a symbol to be traded.
  • Value investors believe time spent forecasting and predicting the future and market direction is wasted time.
  • A long term investment horizon is essential. A belief that risk is the potential for permanent impairment of value. Risk cannot be captured in one number (such as standard deviation).
  • An unwillingness to participate in market fads.
  • Value investors tend to be contrarian.
  • Value investors focus on business fundamentals.
  • Successful value investors remove all emotion from their investment process and attempt to take advantage of 'Mr Markets periodic irrationality.'

As an Authorised Advisor, we are obliged and authorised to consider relevant products from all financial providers and services in the market. This means that we can review all offerings and advise on the best option to suit your needs.

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